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Journal of Applied ManagementAccounting Research (Winter): 53-70. (Survey).

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Marchant, G. 2013. Management accounting in the 21st century: A.

Jarrar, N. S. and M. Smith. 2011. Product diversification:The need for innovation and the role of a balanced scorecard.

Preda, P. and T. Watts. 2004. Contemporary accounting innovations in Australia: Manufacturing versus service organizations.IntroductionTwo papers in the 2001 issue of the Journal of Accounting and Economics sparked a lively debate about the state of managerial accounting research.Carbon Risk Management: A Comparative Case Study of Two Companies within the Australian Energy Sector.

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Dr Michael Lucas and Professor Malcolm Prowle Open University Mr Glynn Lowth.

AbstractThis study examines attribute framing in a capital budget decision-making scenario.Marquez-Ramos, L. and J. A. Aparisi-Caudeli. 2013. The impact of.

Impact of Extreme Decisions and Extreme Probabilities on Attribute Framing Effects.

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The Impact of Performance Measures on Employee Fairness Perceptions, Job Satisfaction and Organisational Commitment.Contemporary Issues in Management Accounting Alnoor Bhimani Abstract. 15 Changing times: management accounting research and practice from a UK perspective.Beyond Ceremony: The Impact of Local Wisdom on Public Participation in Local Government Budgeting.Journal of Applied ManagementAccounting Research (Summer): 17-36.Journal of Applied ManagementAccounting Research (Summer): 11-34.Selto University of Colorado at Boulder and University of Melbourne.IntroductionThis technical note is about the consistency principle in calculating present value of changes in working capital as part of cash flow analysis.

The key assumption is that, in manufacturing companies, the use of contribution margin per hour in pricing and profitability analyses provides stronger.Appuhami, R. 2009. Corporate investments and the dual-roleof working capital: Evidence from Thailand.Naranjo-Gil, D. and M. van Rinsum. 2006. The effect of management style and management accounting system design on.Pearson. 2005. Perceptions of U.S. CPAs and CMAs concerning accounting.

Journal of Applied ManagementAccounting Research (Summer): 57-71.Reasons for adopting different capacity levels in the denominator of overhead.AbstractThis paper examines the economic rationale behind an unusual field study finding with the help of agency theory.

Journal of Applied ManagementAccounting Research (Winter): 75-86.Journal of Applied ManagementAccounting Research (Winter): 33-44.Saha, A. K. and A. R. Bhuiyan. 2014. Predictability of share prices.Journal of Applied ManagementAccounting Research (Summer): 9-32.The Impact of Changes in Environment and AMT on Management Accounting Practices and Organizational Strategy, Structure and Performance.

AbstractThe 21st Century has seen the emergence of the information age and the resulting economy driven by knowledge as a source of competitive advantage.Critically the most significant change occurring in the information age is the dramatically changing.Journal of Applied ManagementAccounting Research (Winter): 59-68.Smith, M., R. Taffler and L. White. 2002. Cartoon graphicsin the communication of accounting information for management decisionmaking.AbstractIn this paper a latent class model (LCM) is applied to estimate corporate bankruptcy and insolvency risk in Australia using a number of financial, market and macro-economic variables and indicators.Journal of Applied ManagementAccounting Research (Winter): 1-20. (Case study).Journal of Applied ManagementAccounting Research (Winter): 53-62.

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