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The Novel Dont Call Me Ishmael written by Michael Gerard Bauer has many different themes which can be discussed.

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Ishmael, Scobie, a hilarious, outgoing and independent boy called Orazio Zorzotto, an overweight, sci-fi geek called Bill Kingsley and a very.

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Ignatius Prindabel, Orazio Zorzotto and Bill Kingsley each have a.

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Orazio Zorzottoa also called Razza for short, plays a vital role in the books Dont Call Me Ishmael and Ishmael and the Return of the Dugongs.The narrative structure (plot) is employed in Dont call Ishmael to position the audiences views on bullying.

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Ok, now this is a little bit like what Miss Tarango would call a rhetorical question.

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I either try to write humerous essays in an almost insultingly ripped off Jack Handy method, or I write poetry,.

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Name: Ignatius Prindabel.

I thought my end Ishmael would love his name but in the end it doesnt end with him saying Call me Ishmael in ends with someone saying Call me, Ishmael.

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TASK: You are to write a carefully constructed essay discussing the themes in the novel.

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