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Advanced survey software providers have survey solutions for all modes of survey research.What is Qualitative Research, The advantages and disadvantages of Qualitative research - Qualitative research is about exploring issues, understanding the phenomenon.

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The purpose of this guide is to provide advice on how to develop and organize a research paper in the social sciences.Feedback from managers and employees to help understand the objectives of the recruitment and selection evaluation process and make changes to improve the process.Fricker, Jr. and Matthias Schonlau RAND E-mail and Web surveys have.

An interview questions can be done in form of structured questions, already in place in advance or unstructured or semi-structured in-depth interviews are generally used.

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There are a wide variety of methods that are common in qualitative measurement.

Quantitative Research Methods

Results can be reduced to a few numerical statistics and interpreted in a few short statements.Secondary data can also be found in local libraries, on the Web, books, government publications, periodicals as well as electronic databases, magazines and newspapers, are also great sources of secondary data.Helps people to see the world view of those studies - their categories, rather than imposing categories, simulates their experience of the world.It is useful in examining the totality of a unit - a holistic approach.This is the second step in the search that once select the research problem has been chosen as the target organizations.Senior HR manager of the federal public service commission will be interviewed and acquired data accordingly for the purpose of this research.

What are the strategies and techniques are being used in concern department of human resources management to motivate and improve the process.In other words the data observed or collected directly from firsthand experience is called primary data.Thus, research can be argued as a systematic and well planned investigation for the purpose of exploring answers to various questions.

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Qualitative research is useful during the early stages of a study when the researcher may be unsure of exactly what will be.

A total of seven interviews will be carried out to obtain primary data.Registered office: Venture House, Cross Street, Arnold, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG5 7PJ.

Additionally, questions can be quite complex due to difficulties in capturing the interest of respondents when it is not the situation facing.

In the end, respondents have the opportunity to write additional comments if they felt that something was overlooked during the interview or questionnaire.The interview will be conducted from HR manager and more than five employees of concern organisation Will better understand the Employee feedback their comments on the benchmarking process and what improvements can be made.This is because unlike an online survey, the client is able to watch the focus group as it happens.


Also the use of quantitative instruments can verify observations collected during informal field observations.Descriptive research involves identification of attributes of a particular phenomenon, where as experimental approach deals with investigates the treatment of an intervention into the study group and then measures the outcomes of the treatment.

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There are many references to the British Library by the author.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of research?

According to (Williams, C. 2007) the Quantitative research was emerged in or around 1250 A.D to facilitate researchers in the analysis through quantification of data.This data collection strategy has several advantages for mixed-methods applications.Figure out how and when to use quantitative methods versus qualitative methods when conducting market research.

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