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Irregular Migrant Workers in the UK: A Story of Marginalization.

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The Ground Beneath our Speech: Moral Ordering in Plea-Based Criminal Justice.Transparency Rules for Derivatives, Mutual Funds and Bonds: A Comparative Analysis of Canadian, Swiss and German Laws.Click on Appliquer to save your selection and proceed with the search.Women Workers in Export Processing Zones in Asia: A Political Economy Perspective.

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Theses and dissertations published outside the United States will be more difficult to obtain.

Judicial compensation in Canada: an examination of the judicial compensation experience in selected Canadian jurisdictions 1990-2010.

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These include the Conference Support Fund, Thesis Support Fund, and Skills Development Fund.Gender, Power and Justice: A Feminist Perspective on Restorative Justice and Intimate Violence.

Biological Diversity and Intellectual Property Rights: The Challenge of Traditional Knowledge.Protecting Minority Shareholders in Private Corporations: A Comparative Study From Canadian and Chinese Perspectives.Supervening Illegality and International Commercial Arbitration.Pollution Control Law in British Columbia: The Administrative Approach.

Legal Rights to Information and Skilled Employees in the Computer Industry.The Future of Remedies: Moving Beyond Divided Legal and Equitable Remedies in Canadian Law.This database provides fast and convenient access to the dissertations and theses available in OCLC member libraries.Awakening Sleeping Beauty: Reviving Lost Remedies and Discourses to Revoke Corporate Charters.The Process of Law Reform: Focus on the New B.C. Companies Act.Tax information exchange and the erosion of taxpayer privacy rights.Clair Case and the Regulation of the Obscene in Pre-World War One Ontario.

Influence Of Road Infrastructure Interventions On Implementation Of Pedestrian Safety Rules In The City Of Kisumu, Kenya.

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Includes theses from over 100 UK institutions, including many that have been digitized and allow open access.Correlation between break fee and asset purchase option regulation in Canada and its empirical effects.The Use of Automated Document Structuring and Classification Methods in the Legal Domain.New Books at the Law Library - May 15, 2017 May 15, 2017 - LAW LIBRARY level 3: K5297.A98 2016Joshua Nathan Aston, Trafficking.Court Intervention in Arbitral Proceedings in Countries Adopting the UNCITRAL Model Law on International Commercial Arbitration: An Impact of Legal Culture on Reception (Case Studies of Canada, Hong Kong and Russia).

The collection was built by deposits from member libraries and current exchange or depository arrangements with almost 100 universities.Virginia Tech has been a worldwide leader in electronic theses and dissertation initiatives for more than 20 years.Feminism, Psychoanalysis and Postmodernism: Bridgin the Discourses.Management Right Issue Between the Chinese Enterprise Laws and Canadian Corporate Laws.

Feminism, psychoanalysis and postmodernism: bridging the discourses.An online catalog to holdings at French academic libraries, SUDOC covers theses completed in France since 1972 (for Humanities and Social Sciences).Citing and referencing Theses and Dissertations Search this Guide Search.

Through active partnerships with more than 700 universities, ProQuest disseminates and.Challenges Facing Girl Child Secondary Education: a Case Study of Kinango Division of Kwale District, Kenya.Your Trusted Partner for Dissertations and Theses Dissemination and Ordering.

Great Lakes Environmental Policy: The Ecosystem Approach and an Economic Perspective.Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETD) The Electronic Theses and Dissertation website is a one-stop-shop for everything graduate students need for submitting these.Exploring a law firm business model to improve access to justice and decrease lawyer dissatisfaction.A Study of the Effectiveness of Usual Media in the Promotion of Child Immunisation in Kakamega District in Kenya.Listening to what the criminal justice system hears and the stories it tells: judicial sentencing discourses about the victimization and criminalization of Aboriginal women.Full text is available to Purdue University faculty, staff, and students on campus through this site.Promises and Challenges of Internal Dispute Resolution in the Corporate Workplace.

In addition to the search tools referenced below, most subject specific databases (like PsycInfo, Sociological Abstracts, and Engineering Village) will provide citations for theses and dissertations in their covered fields.Developing Countries and the International Copyright Regime: The Neglected Issue of Cultural Survival.

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